4 Things You Should Remember to do in the Salon

Adapting to a new hairstyle or hair color can be very empowering. It’s amazing how something as simple as cutting our hair can make so much of a difference to the way we look and feel. Most of the credit for this goes to the talented people at salons that make sure we look great all the time! So, do you tip the owner of hair salon? Well, it depends. Some feel that they deserve a tip, as they have put in lot of effort in keeping their customer’s happy and satisfied with their services.While others believe that paying for the service is enough. Here are 4 things you should remember to do in the salon:

  • Realize Your Face Shape And Hair Surface

Different hair styles suit different face shapes. When you know what type of shape your face is, you can make sense of what would look good on you. The most ideal approach is to look at your jawline and check whether it is chiseled or pronounced. On the other hand, hair texture hugely impacts the ideal hairstyle for you.

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  • Consider Your Lifestyle

These are one of the most essential things to take into consideration while you make a decision. Your haircut speaks volumes and adds majorly to your identity. But, if you have a busy lifestyle and believe that you would not have the time to put in that extra effort to make your hair look great on a daily basis, you can always opt for some low-maintenance, easy to carry hair styles. Consider a look that you can make you look great after just a hair wash and flush.

  • Get Expert Advice

It is always better to schedule an appointment with your hair stylist before you get a haircut. Examining dry hair may not give the best results. Thus, make sure you wash your hair to get rid of any tangling or extra item that may get in the way of an effective examination. However, if you are getting your hair colored, stylists usually recommend that you leave your hair unwashed, as it will prevent your scalp from getting affected by harmful chemical products. After your appointment is fixed, carry with you some photographs of the styles that you aspire to pull off. Make it a point to bring photographs from various angles to give your stylist a clearer picture. This way, the stylists can also decide whether the desired trimming or shading would work for your hair texture and face shape.

  • Ensure You’re Really Prepared for Another Hairdo

There’s no use of crying over spilt milk! Ensure you are all set for the new hairdo before you walk into the salon. Because you cannot alter your hair style once it is done. In case you are confused about making the transition, discuss it with your loved ones for a second opinion.

Hope the blog has helped answer the question do you tip the owner of hair salon? Stay connected to us for more such sections. Thanks for reading!  


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